An RPG-style talent tree
for web developers

As professional nerds, we love role-playing games. And we love web development. Naturally, we wondered what a character talent tree for a web developer might look like.

So, we decided to build one.

Who made this?

352 Inc. is a digital agency creating websites, software and marketing campaigns. We came up with Dungeons & Developers as a fun way to assess, promote and learn the skills it takes to design and develop great web sites. This page was built during the "Race to 3:52", our annual company retreat that has every member of the company working in teams on various innovative (and sometimes silly) projects. It’s a pep rally, hackathon and family reunion all rolled into one event.

We love this stuff. During our day jobs, we partner with great clients to build smart solutions that drive results. Find out more at

Character illustrations provided by StarkWhite Studios.

Built with jQuery and Knockout.

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It’s dangerous to go alone!

Throughout the dark corners of the web, doors are always opening to new challenges that will test the mettle of even the most stout developer. Let these watering holes provide a brief respite and an opportunity for you and other heroes to band together:

Happy adventuring!


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